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"Per is
Vel in is"
Kelly's Heroes
February 24, 2007

ARC Troopers led the Americans on the attack. Little resistance was encountered at the first objective and that which was encountered quickly retreated after hearing Booty's new double A-5. Riptide grabbed the key at Heartbreak Ridge and on we went.The second objective was defended moderately and progress slowed as we were funneled into the choke point at Remagen Bridge. With a Skirmish Line stretched across the Skunk Works the enemy emplacements were eventually overwhelmed and Chappy grabbed the second key.After the first two objective had been taken a two pronged attack on the Reichstag began. The germans were stubborn but eventually Riptide grabbed this key and passed them off to Chappy. Forces were rearranged and moved towards the bank.With most of the team low on air and paint, the ARC Troopers helped successfully hold off a flanking force long enough for Chappy to open the bank and end the scenario with just under 20 minutes left on the clock.

Battle of the Bulge: Spies Like Us
January 27, 2007

ARC Troopers led the German Army across Crab Creek and took the Marine HQ footbridge. After working our way through the first two footbridges, reinforcements arrived at the final bridge just in time to help push the way through into the city.

Following a speedy attack on through the city complex, defenders were left outnumbered badly and ARCs own Chaos and Ivan charged the flag station taking advantage of the window of opportunity to end the game quickly.

Operation Torch: Trust the French
September 23, 2006

The ARC Troopers assumed the role of confused French forces during Operation Torch. 

Trusting allies and cautious enemies didnít know whether to shoot or stay when French forces appeared on their flanks.

Turns out they should have shot, because the ARCs assumed control of a key building on the field and caused havoc and destruction to both opposing armies.

RAS Tournament: Operation Dark Storm
June 25, 2006

The original 5 man team of ARC troopers goes 3 and 0, and wins the Battlefront hosted portion of the Real Action Scenario tournament series.

So began the legacy we know as The ARC Troopers.

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