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September 27th 2008
Tippmann World Challenge

This past September the ARCs made the trip to Michigan to attend the Tippmann World Challenge at Hell Survivors, what we found was a well run and enjoyable experience. Bootman and Chappy arrived at about 3pm Friday afternoon and set up camp in what was the crossroads of the whole camping/parking area. We did our registration and picked up our paint and awaited the other three members of our team, we took the time to walk the vendor area, talking to Smokin Products, Smart Parts and Tippmann who all had full displays and Tippmann had Call of Duty 4 games going. Eventually OG, Roc and Sparty showed up as well as our friends from Damage Inc. who had the camping spot beside us.

Arc Troopers on the road at Tippmann / World Challenge 2008

ARC Troopers rally the troops for Tippmann at
Hell Survivors' Tippmann World Challenge - September 27 & 28, 2008
The next morning we woke up and had a quick breakfast and started to gear up, the paint was Hell Survivors custom red stuff, Fireball I believe. It was pretty good paint, no dimples, no broken shells; nice thick fill that was about impossible to wipe off and the bore size was consistent all the way through. So after we loaded up we went down for the briefing and a quick prize giveaway then it was game on.

The field is best explained as a giant clock with a swamp/pond in the middle, if you don't mind getting wet it actually adds a nice avenue of attack that nobody suspects, Sparty was able to make a rather successful side attack by crossing through the lake. The teams enter at 7 and 5 o’clock and there is a hill with the castle between and forward of each team, the starting zones are netted off to keep the teams from cutting each other out of the game but it can be made harder with control of "the Meat Grinder". At 3 o’clock is the Town, which we had a chance to assault in force during the second day, it's really pretty neat and their are old armored war chassis littered all over the field, APCs, Jeeps and Dueces, makes things interesting. At 12 o’clock was Firebase Bravo a small unassuming part of the field...where we spent 90 percent of our time fighting and at 6 o’clock there was nothing really except some woods and a road.

We spent a lot of time walking back and forth to Bravo where we were constantly taking control of and losing the flag station there. The whole field is surrounded by a dirt road which made the walking a lot easier, and tanks were constantly circling the field either making us cheer or hide as there were no way of stopping the tanks. We also had yellow Ryder Trucks that would be loaded with players and hauled out to bravo, so all in all the walking wasn't that bad. The refs seemed to be pretty good, they never really through themselves into fire fights to do paint checks, it was mostly on the honor system and i have to say everybody we met seemed very honorable. The two things the refs were serious about was Paint Smugglers and Barrel Socks. I remember one incident in particular where as I was walking off the field with my barrel sock on they asked me to chrono check, which i did, and then I put my sock back on and walked off, as I was walking though the sock slipped off my collapsible stock and I didn't realize it. A young and rather angry ref ran up and started screaming at me about the sock, another player came up and handed it to me, saying it had fallen off back there, I thanked him and put the sock back on, but the ref wouldn't let it go. He continued to scream at me, telling me to use my head and pay attention. I apologized again but he kept going, screaming at me until another ref hauled him away. I just laughed shook my head and walked away. We played all day, taking a break once to get water and lunch until the shut down at 6 where there was another prize drawing and we ate dinner. There wasn't a whole lot going on the rest of the night, one vendor was showing Blackhawk down but we just sat around and talked with other teams about the day.

Sunday was much the same, except our starting points were switched and there were a lot less people. We continued to play much as we had the first day, fighting for Bravo back and forth until our team was shoved back and over run at the insertion. Tippmann just couldn't keep up with the World, they had more players and just overwhelmed us and tired of getting slaughtered at the insert point we decided to call it a day. We ate lunch and packed up camp before going back down for the last prize drawing, Bootman managed to win some Grillz and a whole V-Force prize pack, and Sparty got a T-shirt. After which we said our goodbyes and headed out. It was a very good weekend, with lots of good honorable players, the field was large enough to hold the 1000 or so people in attendance, the paint was excellent and the refs were firm but fair...some were a little excitable but that happens. Hell Survivors is a place we would all gladly return.

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