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ARC TROOPERS - An Introduction

ARC Troopers' used for Commercial: Battlefront Paintball - Hubbard, Ohio
Founded in the summer of 2006, the ARC Troopers began as a 5-man scenario tournament team.  Undefeated in tournament play, the ARC's have recruited the most honorable and dedicated players to join their ranks over the years.

The ARC's exist with the sole purpose of growing and nurturing the sport of woodsball and scenario paintball. Through the highest standards of sportsmanship, honesty and safety the ARCs strive to provide a fun experience for those around us and insure that our home field receives the good honest publicity it deserves.

ARC Troopers have been producing events at their home field Battlefront Paintball since August 2007 when they debuted the "TET Offensive".

Battlefront Paintball is located on the remnants of a gun powder factory built in the 1800s.  Nowhere else can you find a realistic bombed out city surrounded by so much varied terrain.

Battlefront has a scenario every month, and local team have organized open play days as well as pump games on a regular basis.  You can find out the latest scuttlebutt on the Battlefront Paintball Forums.

World at War 2 - An ARC Troopers 
Nearly 500 players came to the ARC Troopers' World at War 2 with Greg Hastings

Although not all fields abide by these rules, the General Rules for Scenario Play contain a lot of good information about scenario paintball. You will find some good examples of the kind of player roles and mission objectives you may encounter during a typical scenario game.

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