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On April 19, 2008 over 300 player gathered at Battlefront Paintball for the latest ARC Troopers Production: The World at War. The weather had cooperated and it turned out to be a great day of paintball.  This scenario was the first at Battlefront to incorporate four different teams on the field simultaneously. Each teams General received a briefing from his Headquarters approximately one month prior to the event. As the event drew closer information was leaked and traded on the Battlefront Forums.  Each Generals orders were similar, stressing the importance above all else to secure whatever resources (gold) that the ‘island’ has to offer. Below is a copy of what the British General receieved:

Central Command
Office of the Secretary General
London England.
Operation: Queen and Country

Field Marshall Montgomery:

Our country has taken a pounding, but we have survived. We have pushed the German scourge off our shores and out of our skies. With "Overlord" coming and the sure end of the war in sight it is time to start rebuilding our nation. We need money and materials to begin bringing our nation back from the terrible destruction we have faced. MI-6 has discovered an island that is teeming with riches and resources and we are sending you there immediately. Take a Battalion of Royal Marines and secure what resources you can. The Americans are footing most of the bill for Overlord but have not promised any help in rebuilding our nation, so do what you must. Make or break whatever alliances you need, but we need those resources to insure that we have a whole nation after this war is done. For Queen and Country Lads!

Special Units: Her Majesty's Secret Service

General MI-6 has recently completed the training of their new "Commando Spie" Units, we are sending this group of men into battle with you. They are trained in multiple languages and culture, use them to gain vital intelligence and take out enemy positions and leadership. These men go by the call signs of 00....use them wisely.

((Based on team size you will be allowed spies, these players will be given every other teams arm bands. They may move into enemy territory and accomplish any mission you see fit. If killed while wearng enemy colors they may actually respawn at the enemy camp, however if your spies are identified and captured or killed by the enemy camp they are spying on they must turn over their arm band to that general and you lose the effect to spy on that team))

Available Intelligence:

We have information that the Mercenaries of the French Foreign Legion have also landed on the island, they are providing black market goods and services, use them if you wish. These mercenaries are highly trained in both combat and field medicine, Mercs can only be killed by a head shot. Don't doddle with them to long though, These mercs only believe in money, and once the time has run out they will abandon you to whatever fates you have set for yourself. Intelligence also believes the Mercs may be in possession of an armored Fighting Vehicle, this could come in handy seeing that due to the rapid deployment you are involved in we have only been able to deploy infantry, No Tanks or Armor will be available to you in this deployment.


You will be taking several high level negotiators into battle with you. Negotiators wear white arm bands and are forbidden from carrying a firearm of any type. Negotiators may travel anywhere on the field unharmed by any Army. Use negotiators to arrange alliances or trades with other armies or to purchase goods and services from the 13th Demi-Brigade. The same player does not have to be the negotiator for the whole game. Negotiators are forbidden from spying and must properly announce themselves to inquiring forces.


Respawn points will be the generals tent in order to maintain streamline communications to your forces. Respawn will be based on a number to be determined when team size is acquired ((ie. when 5 dead people return to the tent they are all reinserted))

More information will be made available once it has been collected.

 The Game Format split the players into four armies. At the Generals meeting the alliances and team locations were decided for the first half of the day. At 1:00 the game stopped for lunch and restarted at 2:30. At the restart teams changed locations on the field and their alliances. This kept one team from having to make the long walk across the field all day. Teams were allowed to respawn at their Allies bases even more reducing the need to hike across the entire field. Gold scattered around the field could be used to purchase rocket launchers, rocket rounds, an armored assault vehicle or a mercenary squad. The mercenaries were eliminated by headshots only and were deployed for 20 minutes of action at a time. The Mercenary Squad was made up of ARC Troopers, Misfit Mafia and a few other regular players from Battlefront Paintball. There was talk amongst the mercenaries of going rogue, but these rumors quieted down as the negotiators started spending gold before too long. The mercenaries saw action five times throughout the scenario and went home with their fair share of welts and bruises.

Gold is scattered around the field at the start of the game

First Half: All Mixed Up

For the first half of the game the Germans and British were Allies, as were the Americans and Japanese. The Germans were first into the city and began hanging flags and gathering gold up. The British team was right behind them, but the Japanese Tank was driving in from the South with troops stacked up behind them.

Japan uses the tank to advance troops within the city

The Americans had the furthest base, but were gaining ground fast. Using the tank as support, the Americans and Japanese worked together and got the joint flag up and for the next hour the Americans had the majority of flags hung at each flag check. The Japanese managed to hang their flags a few times around the city, but meanwhile they were collecting gold at record pace. For the last hour of the first session Britain and Germany clearly owned the city, and infighting began. A number of Japanese and Germans switched flags while the others weren’t looking. The Japanese Tank was a constant threat, but the real story was happening in the woods.

 Rumors on the field spread of an American that was tricking other teams into giving him their gold. Before too long we discovered his identity, a negotiator going by the name “Funkie”. Using his diplomatic immunity and a number of different pretexts, this silver-tongued devil tricked each team into trusting him with their gold. Funkie caused chaos all day as each of the Generals gold reserves were reduced by his cleverness.

Japan storms Britains base using 'Kamikaze' Shields

 The British General was the furthest from his base, and couldn’t see or wasn’t informed that his base flag was down. Japan had overrun his base and setup its own defensive perimeter. The British team was loosing 500 points at each flag check. Britain managed to retake their base, occupation lasting over an hour. When the session ended, Britain had lost 2,500 points, leaving them with 200 points, almost entirely canceling out their flag points accumulated. America had also lost points for their base flag twice in the first half. Japan had 900 points but Germany won the bragging rights with 2,400 points at the end of the first session.

Mercenaries on the loose: Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

 Gold accounts were fairly close at the end of the first session, except for Japan’s. Japan had found the large crate of gold worth 10,000 some other smaller caches, but neither Japan nor America had spent any of their gold at the black market. Japan had the highest account at 29,500 and America 19,500. Germany spent 40,000 on mercenaries during the first half and was left with 16,250. Britain had 10,750 and they had spent 20,000 on mercenaries.

 If Germany had kept from spending their money they would have had the biggest gold account. Its arguable that the mercenaries helped the Germans and the British dominate the city. The German general was having communication problems with his negotiator and could stop him their gold. We will see what happens when friends become enemies after lunch.

Second Half: Axis vs. Allies

 After lunch the teams were all given new locations and rotated around the field. This prevented any one team from having the advantageous portions of the field all day. Britain and American joined forces for an Axis vs Allies game. Japan now had the high ground, and Germany had the longest walk to base.

Germans use 'Mustard Gas' to repel the enemy

 Japan and Germany dominated the city fairly equally during the second session. Japan benefited from their alliance with Germany whose team continued to communicate and work well together. Only five flags behind Germany, Japanese had accumulated an additional 2,700 points while Americans grabbed 1,300. The Brits were left with pointless after their flag was pulled twice more this session.


Morning Flag Points
Afternoon Flag Points



w/out Purchases





w/o Purchases

 The chart above shows how Germany had collected the most gold, but they chose poorly in spending it on mercenaries. Had they been thrifty in their purchases, they would have pulled out the overall win. We think the game format worked well, and it forced each General to make decisions that would directly affect the game outcome in the end.

Japanese and German troops work together during the second half

 The ARC Troopers would like to thank everyone who came out to make this event a memorable one. You are the real reason these events are such a success. The sportsmanship shown at this event was beyond compare. We have had a lot of positive comments about this event and look forward to even more successful events at Battlefront Paintball in the future. We’re counting on you to make the future scenarios just as successful.

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