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August 25, 2007 - Battlefront Paintball - Hubbard, Ohio


  The day started out with the NVA forces spread out in the woods and attacking the village of Plei Me.  Americans started in their medic or command bases, but had to have their markers outside of the facility to simulate being caught off guard.  There were three small contingents of American troops left at the bases around the city.  These limited forces were all the defenses the city had until reinforcements arrived from command HQ.

  The NVA managed to take Plei Me earning them 1,000 points after a considerable American defense.  For next mission (11 am) each Commanding General was issued a flag that had to be hung at Khe Sahn.  NVA got their flag to Khe Sahn first and successfully held the base for the full hour earning 4,000 points.

  Orders came down to both generals that possession Hamburger Hill was a top priority (12:30pm).  Each team had a flag that was worth 100 points each minute it stayed hung over Hamburger Hill.  Although the NVA didnt see much action on this hill, the troops on station did not abandon their stations.  The Americans mounted a couple of attacks after a period of inaction, but the loyal NVA regulars eliminated these attacks.  After a full ninety minutes these guys had earned an additional 9,000 points for their team.

  At 1:30 each generals was issued a flag with directions to hang it at Kompong Speu.  The Americans were first to hang this flag and successfully held this base for the full hour earning them 4,000 points.  As this mission was ending, the American general received news that the Lang Vie base had been overrun by Charlie.  The NVA troops held of the Americans for a hour, eventually being reclaimed by the Americans earning them 1,000 points.   The NVA troops did not give up, gathering reinforcements they took the base back to earn 2,000 points for possession of the base at the end of the mission (4:00 pm).

  Before Lang Vie had been re-taken, the NVA troops deciphered their Intelligence data and were rewarded with advance knowledge of the Final Mission: Hue.  At 3:30pm this mission began.  The NVA made use of their advanced knowledge to keep the Americans from hanging their flag at Hue for the entire mission.  Earning 100 points per minute at the Hue flag Station, the NVA stacked up an impressive 7,400 points and earned a bonus 5,000 points for having their XO onsite at Hue when the game ended.  As the NVA troops advanced through the city, a sniper team was advancing on the NVA Command HQ.  Americans were going AWOL all over the country, and Charlie was swarming the American Command HQ so the American General airlifted his command structure to a safe location avoiding the NVA HQ strike.

  The points listed here are just a piece of the overall score, which included points for officer eliminations, sniper kills, ordnance recovery, etc.

Click here for a complete explanation of the Intelligence Roles, Missions and Clues.

The Total score for the event was:

USA:   8,760
NVA:  38,530


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